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We, EXPORT HAWK. are one of the leading exporters in India. We are supplying high-quality Basmati Rice, Non-basmati Rice, and Brown Rice in large volumes to our customers spread throughout the world. We are based in INDIA. We have the ability to convey enormous volumes inside specified time plans.

Rice is the main food crop on the planet taking care of a larger number of individuals than some other harvest. So basically we are here with the best quality of rice which is not only healthier but tastier too. So, we export, the supreme quality of Sella Basmati Rice which is admired for its long grain across the world. Sella rice is known for its unique aroma and distinct taste which is not only easy to cook but also beneficial for health and better nutrition.
Other than Basmati rice, any other rice is known as Non-Basmati Rice. There are thousands of varieties of rice, of which maximum are present in India. Non-Basmati Rice comes in different shapes and sizes. Also, it has a fine aroma and is rich in taste.
We also provide Brown rice, which is an unrefined, unpolished whole grain with the inedible outer hull removed due to which it inhibits more nutrients than other rice. Being a whole grain, Brown rice is healthier & comparatively low in calories, high in fiber. It also helps against several conditions such as diabetes, digestion & heart issues

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Sella Basmati Rice

Sella Basmati Rice
Sella Basmati